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Here you will find high quality woven scarves made in traditional techniques from far away countries.

Are you looking for traditional scarves with a classic pattern?
Or would you prefer something more modern, colourful or with exciting batik patterns or motifs?
We have them all and hope you have fun browsing through our shop and enjoy your new scarf!

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Pali Facts:

In the Middle East, the pali scarf used to serve solely as protection from the sun's rays and sandstorms.
In the West, however, it is now nothing but a fashion accessory that looks great and can also keep you warm.

No matter what colour combinations or motifs you're looking for, you're sure to find what you're looking for here:
We range from traditional patterns and colour combinations to more unusual models and really wild designs that really catch the eye and put you in a good mood.

Get wrapped up in our gorgeous scarves in excellent quality and discover different tying techniques to perfect your look!

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